The Tamworth Foundation is a community foundation serving the Town of Tamworth by supporting local nonprofits in the areas of health,
civic and community responsibility, education, arts and culture, local infrastructure, recreation and safety.

The Tamworth Foundation

Since 1937, The Tamworth Foundation has helped Tamworth fulfill its needs and create new projects that benefit the community, relying solely on the contributions of our donors. Our grants touch virtually all aspects of life in Tamworth.

We support our youth, our elderly, community and medical services, the arts, the town’s infrastructure, and many special projects. In making decisions, we strive to allocate funds where we feel they will provide the greatest present and future good for all Tamworth residents.

One of our goals is to increase our visibility in the community and beyond. We want to make it easy for friends, donors, supporters, grant-seekers, local nonprofits and others to find out more about who we are and what we do. To that end, we have created a brochure and this website. We hope it is helpful. We welcome your comments.

The Tamworth Foundation Funds A New Playground

On September 17th, the installation of a new playground at  Remick Park was complete.  There are many people to thank for this project; Special thanks to community members Gail and Anthony Marrone, John Roberts, Danny Walker, Scott Mudgett, Emery Roberts, Donna Ulitz, Lisa Remick,  Margaret and Ben Reiser, and Tom and Ann Marie Farrell, all  who helped with the installation.  Thanks to The Tamworth Foundation, their donors, the Calendar Women, and Men In Hats who funded the project,  Katie Thompson, Tara Pierce, and the many committee members who tried to get a playground downtown for several years.  Thanks to the selectmen for approving this project and Parker Roberts for maintaining it.  Special thanks goes to the Remick Farm for helping to get several loads of  equipment off the trucks in a moments notice.  It really does take a village!  We hope this park will be enjoyed by all those who visit and live in Tamworth for many years to come.