Who We Are


The purpose of this Corporation shall be to preserve and improve the physical properties and the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical well-being of the inhabitants of the Town of Tamworth in Carroll County, New Hampshire, through the acquisition, management and disposition of properties to that end. —September 4th, 1937

The Tamworth Foundation was formed in 1937 by a group of Tamworth citizens to protect and support the town they loved. Their model was Sandwich’s Quimby Fund.

More than seventy years later TTF continues supporting and enhancing the quality of life in Tamworth by managing funds for general and specific purposes, making grants to local nonprofit groups for projects that contribute to its mission, and by underwriting special projects that will benefit the town.

We strive to bring awareness and care to all that we do, so that our grants and projects genuinely contribute to the quality of life in Tamworth. We are here to help where there is need.

What We Do

As a community foundation, we serve the town in several ways:

1. We use unrestricted funds to make grants to local nonprofits for initiatives that will benefit the town.

2. We can act as a fiscal agent for unincorporated groups designing projects that will serve the community.

3. We administer directed gifts for special purposes, and we can help design gift vehicles suited to the needs of the donor.

4. We strive to see needs that arise out of new conditions and respond to those needs. We also strive to think creatively and proactively about new ways to promote community health, happiness, and sustainability.

Many Tamworth nonprofit organizations that serve the community have received grants from The Tamworth Foundation since its inception, or for many decades, e.g. Tamworth Community Nurse Association, Chocorua Public Library, Tamworth Library, ski and swim programs for children, Runnells Hall, and grants for a variety of school needs and projects. The needs of children have always had a high priority in The Tamworth Foundation’s grant decisions.

TTF’s grants cover a wide variety of needs and areas of life in this community. Over the past thirty years, many organizations have received funds—Tamworth Civic Association, Tamworth Learning Circles, Arts Council of Tamworth, Tamworth Outing Club, Tamworth Recreation Department, Tamworth Historical Society, to name a few. For a closer look at some recent grants and the priorities that guided the Foundation in awarding them, please see Recent Grants.

In addition to grants, we also offer guidance, feedback and other resources for new and continuing nonprofit organizations and projects. And we continue to explore new opportunities to make the best possible use of our resources in service to Tamworth.


The Tamworth Foundation began in 1937 with $33.64 in hand. That was the amount left over after a group of summer residents purchased the Tamworth Turf & Carroll County Fair Association fair grounds. The Fair Association had lost money and was significantly in debt. Led by Alfred M. Tozzer and Harry F. Damon, the sum of $2,150.00 was raised to buy its existing shares and pay off its indebtedness. The land was made into a park.

With the remaining $33.64, the group met to form The Tamworth Foundation on September 4th, 1937. The initial trustees were Albert Boyden, Charles H. Porter, Ingersoll Bowditch, Mrs. Faith Bemis, and Mrs. Thomas J. Preston, all summer residents with deep roots in the area. Later a sixth trustee was added, Earl Remick, a year-round resident. (Now, in the 21st century, all but one of The Tamworth Foundation’s trustees live here year-round.)

In 2004 The Tamworth Foundation became a 501(c)3 Community Foundation. updated its bylaws, and instituted a “twelve-month rolling average” system to determine how much could be dispersed in a year. This made it possible for the Foundation to receive grant requests throughout the year.

Organizational Structure and Board of Directors

The Tamworth Foundation has a board of six directors elected to five-year terms by the vote of our members at the annual meeting. Our members are the many people who support The Tamworth Foundation’s mission through generous donations and by sharing ideas, energy and expertise.

In choosing new board members, we look for geographic representation from the different villages that make up Tamworth, for a good mix of age, gender and types of experience, a mix of perspectives, and most significantly, we look for people who have a broad and inclusive vision of the town and its needs, and who can see the town itself in the larger context of a complex and evolving society.

We are fortunate that Tamworth attracts so many experienced, creative and dedicated people with the qualities we seek in board members. Our board’s diverse backgrounds pave the way for innovative thinking about who we can serve and how.